Helmet technology

We design and develop ski and snowboard helmets for every possible situation. Based on our experience and customer feedback we have developed different products and technologies. Find out more below.


This new helmet technology takes the best of both worlds and combines both in-mould and ABC technique. This combination results in a lightweight helmet with al the safety benefits of an ABS helmet

Active airvent

You can adjust the active airstream inside you helmet to you own wishes. To keep your head cool, just adapt the airvents to the conditions you are in and enjoy an optimal outdoor experience.

Shape Engineer

Shape engineer DFS (dial fit system) your helmet hugs the back of you head and reduces the tendency of the helmet to shift back and forth during your ride

Goggle compatible

Any goggle of your choice will fit and tidy on your helmet due to our signature goggle strap holder in the back of your helmet

Goggle technology

To provide safety on the slopes and on the mountain we take a lot of time researching the best possible goggles. We partner with different lens manufacturers to provide clear vision during all kinds of conditions with different lenses.  

Our Technology is based on comfort, safety and durability. 

 Anti slip grip

Your goggle will stay right where it should be during all your adventures thanks to the anti slip grip inside the goggle strap.

Magnetic lens swap

When blue skies make way for powder clouds you can keep your gloves on and change your goggle lens just like that. The magnetic lenses release easily because of the thumb-tap and your new lens will find the frame by itself thanks to the ultra strong magnetic lens technology

Comfort foam

We use multi-layered comfort foam in our goggles for superior performance, optimal comfort and tight fit. Our goggle will fit your face just right while being soft and kind to your skin.


Wether you call it adventurous or irresponsible, every once in a while you'll crash. No need to worry about your goggle, it will still be in great shape thanks to it's super flexible frame.

Premium lens quality

We use the very best lenses with the most up to date technology that is used exclusive by the best brands in snowsports. You really need, repeat NEED one of our goggles if you to experience every ride to the absolute max.

Ultra vision

For ultra 360 vision we developed expanded lens volume. As long as you don't blink, you won't miss at miss out on one single detail.

Zaio Lens

Our lenses are equiped with the most extreme Revo. This lens will not make your adventure more epic but we can guarantee you are the best looking rider on the slopes.